Advertising For Illiterate-Rated Jeeps

Jeep advertises in Spain for a slightly rebranded Renegade. That, or they simply don’t care about appropriate placement of their expensive enough product.

Online versions of newspapers in Spain tend to be of the hideously cheesy variety, almost entirely on account of atrocious advertising malpractice perpetrated on the poor visitor. El Mundo is no exception. But the following screen filling pop-up I saw just now apparently manages to destroy even the advertiser’s filters of poor taste:

Jeep Renegade Spanish Edition

The, eh, Jeep Renagade? Seriously, it’s proposing itself as the official summer stupification vehicle? Or is it just suffering from cross-cultural contamination with the average English speaker in, say, Magaluf?

Now, I’m totally in the market for one of Jeep’s smart SUVs so I’d wish they’d apply their otherwise rigorous quality control to the hiring process of whoever is in charge of spending Jeep’s precious advertising pesetas…

Such an incredibly stoopid spelling mistake in an ad for a world-famous car brand? Really? Somebody better tell Jeep that even in Spain cars are expensive enough to permit an expectation of mostly literate buyers…

Mind boggling.

Afterthought: maybe they’re really pining for free publicity as “el ridículo oficial del verano”

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